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Interface Design Studio – The piece that brings everything together.

Walking through a space tells a person what to think, how to feel, where to go. Our Design Studio can help elevate these moments with well considered and innovative flooring solutions.

We ask questions, We get to the heart of your goals and design visions. We take the guess work out of creating exceptional flooring experience.

What’s possible on your floor? Our team is ready to show you.

Tailor Made Service

Our expert team of interior and product designers know how to combine beauty with functionality to find impactful design solutions within budget, time and building requirements.

Looking for inspiration? Want to visualise products in a space? Our design team is here to help you meet your design challenge with full-service or single phased design support for your project.

To make your installation easy, we offer design consultation, product selection and recommendations, custom colour, custom products, 2D and 3D floor designs and finishes floorplan guides.

Talk to your Account Manager today to determine how we can help with your next project.

Studio Creations

Social distancing in the Workplace

The need for physical distancing will need some re-thinking of office spaces designed for connection and collaboration between people. ​

The Interface Design Studio have been exploring solutions for new and existing spaces. We have created standard arrows to drop into to your existing modular flooring, and bespoke wayfinding systems for new spaces.​

We have created standard arrow inlays to guide people around a space, this offer has specific colours and 4 arrow shapes.

We have also looked at wayfinding, this offer uses concept design consultation. Either by using different shapes inlayed into a single tile. Or using the Interface modular system for creating large scale patterns.​

Need more help?
Get in touch with your Account Manager for a social distancing consultation. We can also create other bespoke shapes to fit your needs.