Urban Retreat Collection

Follow your instinct with nature-inspired carpet tile.


Unexpected shifts of pattern and eccentric textures create a wonderful new landscape.

We love life and all things related to it. There's a word for this—biophilia—which suggests an innate bond between human beings and other living systems. Even in the most urban spaces, we instinctively crave a connection to nature.

At Interface, we use design to bridge the gap between these seemingly divergent environments. We’re at the vanguard of a new aesthetic that is technologically versatile, environmentally responsible and inspired by the natural world. It all starts from the ground up.

Urban Retreat™ is a dynamic collection of ten carpet tile products sorted into pattern studies that range from refined textures to broad organic forms. It explores where concrete gives way to grass and looks at the deeply carved character of an old growth tree set against the architecture of a manmade grid.

With its natural, neutral colour palette, Urban Retreat evokes the quiet and sanctuary of an old-growth forest floor, down to the occasional moss or lichen-covered stone, as well as the cool splendor of glass and steel.




Skinny Planks


    Urban Retreat Viewbook