Second Story

Introducing Second Story, the latest collection of modular tiles quietly transforming corporate spaces, healthcare facilities, aged care homes as well as hotels. We say quiet, because we have kept patterns minimal. It is a contemporary monolithic collection inspired by iconic city skylines.

The four patterns in this collection – Sublet™, Duplex™, Classic Seven™ and Brownstone™, connect to one another through common threads of ideas and colour and complement each other through subtle changes in scale, loft and contrast.

Classic and timeless, it is now even easier to create a seamless flooring with Second Story. Embracing simplicity in the colour palette, we let natural charcoals and greys calmly take centre stage. Simple patterns and subtle shading make way for a floor that has great aesthetics of broadloom but keeping to all the benefits of modularity. Second Story gives you space to feel good in, without the need for a fanfare. So you can create +Positive spaces™.


Skinny Planks