Flatworks. Naturally Minimalist

Flatworks. Naturally Minimalist.

Light plays an important role in giving an accent to the flattest surfaces, enhancing and defining the subtlest, minimal details. Minimalism in design exposes the true nature of every surface. By highlighting the inherent fine qualities of a material, we can prove it’s unique beauty and value.

Such a focused, minimalist approach is applied to each collection within Flatworks. They have been curated to deliver the flattest aesthetics, every element highly refined to express minimal, crafted surfaces. The enhanced visual texture of soft tile material combines to reveal an impression of traditional hard surfaces (timbers, metals or glass) at work. When a light source hits them, it adds a carefully considered, hand made touch to contemporary interior spaces.

Interface Flatworks are created from recycled materials that can be stripped back to basic components, which are then returned into the industrial production cycle to be used again. Such an approach maintains our full commitment to reducing the impact we have on the natural world and the future of our planet. Each tile also has the full technical and functional benefits of soft floors, from easier installation and better acoustics to simply eradicating slips or cushioning falls.

Every element of Flatworks collection contains a detail that has been finely worked to explore the creation of on trend, premium design statement spaces. Which modern, minimalist works will inspire you?

Touch of Timber a collection that works the impression of minimal wood surfaces. By reinterpreting a classic hard material in a new way, the finely crafted use of soft flat grains transforms surface ideas to add a unique modernist signature appearance to contemporary interiors.

Twist & Shine a collection that works the look of soft burnished highlights catching metallic edges. A sleek suite of flat minimal designs which reconsiders how infinitely repeating structured patterns, simply formed by shadow and light, can set a new tone for the structural grid of a minimalist interior perspective.

Fusion & Straightforward a collection that works the visual lustre of steel and glass found in man-made, urban structures. Surrealist high-energy textures which project clarity, order and balance onto soft, flat surfaces to represent an oasis of minimalist calm within the chaos of the city.