Splash, sprinkle, spray.

A collection inspired by the experimental nature of artists, from traditional to contemporary, who explore the emotional language of colour to encourage greater artistic expression. ChromaFlex is an opportunity to use a rich colour palette to study the relationship between light and shade, texture and tone, colour and emotion.

This collection consists of 3 design options that work together semlessly. The Base product features 24 block colours, in bright and neutral tones, to help articulate the space. Create tonal drift alongside the Base by using the sparse organic movement of ChromaDots 1. Further inject a spirited acceleration of tone with ChromaDots 2, allowing colours to drift and merge, bringing them to life.

A dynamic collection that is breaking new ground, ChromaFlex is available in both plank and square formats. It's a system designed to work with our entire range, enabling you to breathe new life into existing concepts and use bursts of colour to tell the hidden story of architecture in new and inspiring ways.

Like all Interface products, the ChromaFlex collection is 100% carbon neutral. Leveraging the power of design to encourage a low carbon future.

Splash, sprinkle, spray... get more with ChromaFlex.




ChromaFlex Brochure