Climate Action: Heathrow Airport

Bold Leadership Towards a Sustainable Aviation Future

Heathrow’s latest sustainability strategy – Heathrow 2.0 – sets out its ambition to lead the aviation industry towards a sustainable future. The strategy includes several bold commitments on carbon, including becoming a zero-carbon airport (run on renewable energy and creates zero waste) and aspiring to carbon neutral expansion by 2020.

Heathrow has had a commitment to sustainability for many years, but its new strategy is a step-change in both approach and level of commitment. In part, the fresh focus on sustainability comes from the UK Government’s decision to award Heathrow permission for a third runway – and the emissions-reduction targets required for this development.


With limited direct control over most of the carbon emissions in its carbon footprint, Heathrow plans to use its leadership position to ‘accelerate the era of sustainable flight’. This involves goals on funding and facilitating innovation, large-scale offsetting schemes, incentivizing lower carbon flights, and advocating for better carbon pricing.

The biggest achievement will be proving on a global stage that carbon neutral expansion is possible. Committing to these ambitious targets sends a strong message to other airports about the direction that aviation is heading.