Climate Action: Architects Advocate

Advocating for a healthy, livable and sustainable built environment

Architects Advocate is a nonpartisan advocacy group of architecture and design firms committed to creating healthy and livable communities through their work, and advocating for action on climate change through progressive and clear public policy. The network was started and is predominately centered on architecture and design firms in and around Chicago. Today, it has over 850 firms and 1,000 members signed up across the US.

Architects Advocate has two elements that lie at the heart of its work. Its mission is to enact meaningful legislation and policy to mitigate climate change, and its core initiative is to create a network of architects and designers who agree to speak out publicly and share how their knowledge and actions create livable communities.


At only two years old, Architects Advocate has been highly successful at securing membership and mobilizing individuals. So far, two open letter signature drives in support of the US House Climate Solutions Caucus and an enduring commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, drew thousands of signatures from politicians, academics, built environment professionals and major corporations. 

Although it will be some time before the results of the movement are known, Architects Advocate has an inspiring and positive vision of the contribution that the built environment can make to the global fight against climate change to the local environment.