Create amazing possibilities with minimum 5m2 order quantities.

Colourplay provides the ability to design floor spaces with minimum order quantities of just 5m2 throws up amazing possibilities for designers. Re-invent way-finding and block zones with colour, texture or shapes, using our square or skinny planks. Complement or juxtapose feature walls with feature floors. Or simply push the boundaries of design in visionary ways.

Colourplay Products

Aerial Flying Colours - AE315

Aerial Flying Colours - AE317

Bike Path - BP411

Biosphere - Merged Hues

Biosphere - Stippled Hues

Cubic Colours

Fading Tracks

Flow Brights - Planks

Flow Brights - Squares

Global Change - Raku

Global Change - Shading

Human Connections - Kerbstone

Human Connections - Moss

Human Connections - Moss in Stone

Human Connections - Rue

Human Connections -
Sett in Stone

Human Connections -
Stone Course


Human Nature - Limestone

Human Nature - Nickel

Human Nature - Shale

Human Nature - Slate

Look Both Ways - Step Aside

Look Both Ways - Step It Up


Net Effect - B602

Off Line

On Line

Urban Retreat - One

Urban Retreat - UR501

World Woven - WW865

World Woven - WW890

World Woven - WW895

World Woven - Collins Cottage

World Woven - Mod Cafe

World Woven - Scottish Sett

Visual Code - Darning

Visual Code - Decibel

Visual Code - Circuit Board

Visual Code - Haptic

Visual Code - Hard Drive

Visual Code - Overedge