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Interface Hospitality believes in freedom of expression. In some ways, that’s at the very core of modularity and it’s why so many of our modular flooring systems  are designed to be customised.

Seemingly endless options in pattern, scale and colour give you the flexibility to match your brand standard or create a look that’s uniquely yours. You can also have variety within a property based on distinct areas of use while still maintaining a strong visual consistency throughout.

Our mantra is DYF™—Design Your Floor—whether you’re choosing products for public spaces, gaming rooms,corridors or private guest rooms. Our mix-&-match selection of textured patterns in a range of  product gives you creative license to design something totally original from the ground up.

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Featured Products

Clubs, Gaming & Bars

Each venue is uniquely different with its own local flavours, however one thing that brings them all together is the importance of getting the design right. With our complementary concept design services we believe we are the right business partner to help you achieve just that – right design!

We understand that Clubs & Gaming, part of the hospitality market, has its own unique set of requirements and that is why our expansive range of product is specifically designed and engineered for this environment.

Our innovations reduce the carbon footprint of our products, and helps our customers understand their impact on the environment. Our design solutions are more restorative for the planet and the people who walk on our floors.


Interface Hospitality connects people and spaces. We inspire and transform guest spaces and the earth we inhabit. Simplicity is at the heart of our elegant solution – an environmentally responsible and holistically designed flooring system.

Using nature as our guide, we deliver flooring solutions that change the way hotels behave, how they see and think about spaces, and solve problems.

Our system enables hotels to more easily shape a positive guest experience for people spending time away from home; delivers value to hotel owners; and enables our customers to achieve their design intent.