LVT meet P3.

LVT meet P3.

+ Superior P3 slip resistance.
+ Higher performance.
+ Healthier planet.

Flooring that adds up.
Upgrading our Ceramor™ ceramic bead coating to bring you Ceramor+™, the next step in slip-resistant LVT flooring technology.

New Ceramor+™ technology delivers slip-resistant flooring, with all the performance you expect from Ceramor™. Plus our P3 technology provides smooth texture, is easy to clean and endures the wears of time.

A better product, with every step. Peace of mind for architects and designers + peace of mind underfoot.

Meet the new Level Set™ collection, inspired by earthy elements like wood and stone, is the perfect fit for our modular carpet. All this, + standard P3 slip rating. Now that’s what we call a big plus.

You can design with climate in mind. It’s easy to make a contribution and improve your sustainability performance with Interface LVT. We take care of eliminating waste and creating closed loops. By using 39% pre-consumer recycled content and offer local recycling at end of its working life.

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Why Ceramor+?


Meet more choice

We’ve made it easy! All Level Set™ Collection products are now P3, giving you the freedom to focus on design and choosing colours, so you can always create +Positive spaces™ that inspire and connect.

Meet safe and sound

Our LVT designs always come with our superior Sound Choice™ backing. So even hard floors can minimise noise, making it easier for you to design spaces for concentration and focus.

Meet Carbon Neutral

Because all Interface flooring products that we sell - carpet, LVT and rubber sheets and tiles - are carbon neutral across its full lifecycle. You can help the planet with every step.

Our diverse range of LVT collections offer a broad wealth of design choice.

From earthy elements like wood and stone, the Level Set Collection, captures natural beauty in soft hues and tones.

The Boundary Metallics collection is inspired by weathered, man-made industrial materials. Infused warm warm and cool metallics, light dances across the floor activating that typically static surface.

The new Drawn Lines collection takes its cues nature’s natural geometric repetitions with vibrancy. Designed with a fine matrix of intersecting lines with soft areas of light and dark gives a prismatic effect in an array of scales, offering dimension and rhythm.