Project: Home

In 2019 we took the first steps on our Reconciliation Action Plan. As part of that plan, we journeyed to, and connected with, schools in regional, rural and remote communities across Australia.

Seeking to learn

We connected with the cultural Custodians of these places; the First Nation elders. We connected with the students and their teachers. We connected with Country across five diverse environments; the desert, the rainforest, the saltwater and freshwater lands and the spinifex. We connected with architects and designers to understand the educational spaces they design and build.

Those connections have become a project we call Home. Home is about connecting and understanding. It is about education, as this is one place Interface can make a positive and lasting impact on communities all across Australia.

Our journey through this project has been one of learning as we seek to contribute to the understanding of our relationship with the natural environment and First Nation peoples.

In our sphere of influence, education and employment opportunities are central and where we will focus our energy. We see this project as one small interconnected step on our path to be a truly value-based organisation and invite you to join us on that journey.

Why Home?

Earth is our home. Our cultural Custodians and elders care for it deeply. Home is the connection to mother earth and father sky. Home is Country.

Our continent, Australia, is our home. The ever changing colours, the textures of our landscape and the light of our wide-open skies inspire us all.

This nation is our home and home to the world’s oldest living culture; our First Nations peoples. We respect and engage with all its people and welcome other nations who have arrived by sea and sky and now call Australia home.

Interface is our home. We develop modular flooring that positively impacts the people that live, work and learn on it.

Our schools are our homes of learning. At Interface we help create schools that inspire new ways of learning and are designed to succeed.

These are all our homes. They all inspire us and shape our sense of home in the world. When we care for our home and the First Nation people who share it with us, we create a home that will continue to nurture us in return.

Home. By Interface.

Acknowledgement of Country

Interface Acknowledges the sovereign and unceded territories of our diverse First Nations communities, their elders and we pay our deep respect to the custodians and leaders for their continued stewardship and care of their homelands. We value the welcoming and embrace shared experiences, as the teachers, custodial guides, wisdom holders and their students have provided, it’s a new way of education. We are guided by the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and express our heartfelt thanks to the communities and their imparting of connection to country as we work side by side in a new era of interconnectedness.