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Human Nature

Interface’s Human Nature® Collection—a range of Skinny Plank carpet tiles that remind us of the materials, textures and tones we find in the natural world—is inspired by the vital, mysterious link between the nature as we observe and this same nature within ourselves. It helps answer the question we always ask when seeking inspiration—'how would nature create an interior floor?' The Human Nature Collection is available globally from Interface.

Net Effect

Net Effect is a carpet tile collection that honours the ocean not only in its aesthetic references but also in a unique and tangible way through a project called Net-Works™. Net Effect One is a collection of three textures in 50cm squares that, when placed side by side, describes the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore. Net Effect Two is a collection of three products in our new 25cm X 1m skinny plank format that captures the fluidity of water even in linear patterns with expanding and contracting rhythms.

Why TacTiles

With more than 35 million square metresinstalled since 2006, TacTiles is the proven glue-free installation system for our modular carpet tiles.

Education Discovery Collection

The Discovery Collection uses randomly occurring patterns, shape and colours to create uniquely beautiful spaces. Offering unrivalled flexibility for customising spaces, you can create focus areas, soft zoning, breakout spaces and pathways.

Carpet Tile Fire Tests

AWTA Product Testing is an independent materials testing facility available to government instrumentalities, industry and the general public. AWTA fire tests provides testing to a broad range of industries within Australasia and international markets. Fire Test Specifications for products manufactured in Asia will be provided by your local account manager, alternatively you may contact us here.

Our Mission

In 1994, Ray had his legendary “spear in the chest” epiphany. He shook the foundations of the petroleum-intensive carpet manufacturing industry by declaring that Interface was committed to becoming the world’s first environmentally sustainable—and, ultimately, restorative—company.

Redesigning Commerce

Interface aspires to be the proving ground for a new industrial revolution. By demonstrating that there is a better way to a bigger, more legitimate profit, we offer the world an undeniably improved business model that can serve as a paradigm for others to embrace.

Redesigning Our Products

We challenge assumptions and bring elegant approaches and innovative technology to the design of modular carpet. By posing different questions, we developed a more holistic view of the impacts our products and processes have on the planet. This has allowed us to be more strategic in minimizing—and ultimately eliminating—the environmental impacts associated with our products.


Using biomimicry & following biological successes, we have begun to change everything from how we grow food and maintain health to how we package and transport goods. When it comes to creating more sustainable products, processes and systems, Interface takes inspiration from nature’s genius.


CushionBacRE™ is a real step forward in our Mission Zero™ goal to become the first company globally to be fully sustainable with zero negative impact on our planet by 2020.

Global Capabilities

At Interface, we live where we work. This may seem fundamental, but it makes us unique in the carpet industry. To be global in thought and action—with outposts and people on the ground in six continents—is truly extraordinary.


Observing the organic rhythms of a leaf-strewn forest floor inspired us to devise i2, an innovative advancement in modular carpet tile design. Rather than make each carpet tile the same, they vary in patterning and colouring within one style and colorway.

Skinny Planks

Our 25cm x 1m skinny planks bring new proportion and scale to carpet tile, giving you new power to create fresh, exciting floor designs.

Terms & Conditions of Trade - Australia

The following terms and conditions of trade (Terms) govern all contracts for the sale or supply of goods or services by Interface Aust Pty Ltd ACN 000 692 026 trading as Interface (Interface), unless specifically modified with the express written agreement of a director of Interface.

Terms & Conditions of Sale - Asia

These Terms and Conditions of Sale shall govern and be incorporated into any sale of Goods by Seller to Buyer.

Urban Retreat Collection

Urban Retreat™ is a dynamic collection of eleven carpet tile products sorted into pattern studies that range from refined textures to broad organic forms.

Warranty Information

All Interface carpet tiles & Planks come with a 15 year standard warranty. View and download Interface's Standard, Education or ReEntry product warranty.

K-12 Schools

From classrooms to hallways to office areas, Interface modular carpet tiles offer all of the comforts of carpet with none of the drawbacks for K-12 education.

Corporate Office

Create the right corporate office environment, improve work performance & update & transform commercial offices with modular carpets.

We Manufacture Locally

We manufacture locally in Australia and Thailand, and match a global ethos with local pride. Saves transport costs too.

Interface Service Offering

Renovisions, our easy carpet installation system, custom designs and custom colours: Interface offers great services as well as great carpets.

16 May 2014
Interface Hospitality Launch in Asia

Interface is launching its dedicated hospitality offering in Asia following successful roll-out in the USA and Europe. Interface Hospitality is part of the company’s strategy to expand its business beyond its corporate office heartland.

28 April 2014
ReEntry - First in Asia

Interface becomes the first global manufacturer to offer customers carpet tile recycling in Asia. Strategic partnerships ensure that carpet tiles suitable for recycling are diverted from landfill, allowing customers to recycle within the region.

6 April 2015
Office On Wheels

Interface India has launched its new initiative “Office on Wheels” in Hyderabad. The Interface “Office On Wheels” is a mobile vehicle which will be parked near the offices of prominent architects and designers to offer a convenient and engaging experience, whilst showcasing the latest collection Human Nature™.

28 October 2015
#1 in Floor Focus Design Survey

Interface was voted the No. 1 choice of contract interior designers in Floor Focus' annual Top 250 Design Survey, taking the top spot in service, quality, design, performance and green leadership - 4 out of 5 categories.

Sustainability Certifications and Memberships (APAC)

All Interface products and processes are certified under international and/or local green certification programs. Interface recognises the need for transparency which allows our customers to determine which products best meets their requirements.

Higher Education

With your help we need to challenge the status quo and really think big - as in every college student in a green school within this generation. Interface modular carpet tile helps higher education institutions make choices that safeguard the environment.


The Net-Works program proves collaborative innovation can create positive, sustainable change

13 January 2016
2015 Best of Year and IIDEX Award Winners

Two recent carpet tile offerings from Interface, Equal Measure™ and Near & Far™, have received top industry honours this fall in the United States and Canada. Recent awards for the global collections include the coveted Interior Design Best of Year designation, an Architectural Products Product Innovations Award, and two IIDEXCanada Innovations Awards.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

We provide MSDS that provides health and safety information about our products, substances or chemicals used that are classified as hazardous or dangerous.

System 6+ Installation Method

System 6+ is an impermeable carpet flooring system which delivers superior design flexibility and functional performance. With the use of carpet, System6+ can create warm, uplifting environments that residents, staff and patients feel comfortable and at home in. Intersept is the antimicrobial used.

Beautiful Works

How do you choose between conventional hard flooring and Interface’s system of soft modular carpet tiles? Let’s start by putting the two choices side by side. Let’s see how they stack up against each other, not just in cost, but in the benefits they provide. Let’s see which gives you the best performance.

Base Build

Our Premium Base Build collection has been structured to help design a seamless floor with the narrative of the surrounding architecture - creating flow, rhythm and harmony.

Aged Care

Healthy, healing & safe spaces for aged care facilities plus the operational & cost benefits of modular carpet tiles.

Health Care

Healthy, healing & safe spaces for healthcare facilities plus the operational & cost benefits of modular carpet tiles.

Level Set - Woodgrains in Hospitality

Level Set™ Woodgrains offers the look of classic wood in a variety of colorways.

Overnight Collection

Interface's Overnight Collection work in combination to build a story throughout various rooms, suites and corridors of hotel and apartment properties.

Good Natured Collection

Good Natured Collection, taking inspiration from nature.

LVT Fire Tests

AWTA Product Testing is an independent materials testing facility available to government instrumentalities, industry and the general public. AWTA fire tests provides testing to a broad range of industries within Australasia and international markets. Fire Test Specifications for products manufactured in Asia will be provided by your local account manager, alternatively you may contact us here.