System 6+ Installation Method - Australia

What is System 6+?

System 6+ is an impermeable carpet flooring system which delivers superior design flexibility and functional performance. It consists of 4 components:

- Interface Floor Sealer - containing Interface’s patented Intersept® antimicrobial – which seals the
   substrate and is guaranteed for the life of the build
- Intertac® Pressure Sensitive Adhesive containing Interface’s patented Intersept® antimicrobial
- 1m x 1m Glasbac® impermeable carpet tiles
- Interface Seam Sealer – which chemically bonds the seams of each carpet tile together

Why choose System 6+ carpet over vinyl flooring?

System 6+ is a 100% impermeable solution – vinyl backed, the system offers superior design flexibility, improved indoor air quality, better acoustics, slip prevention and true anti-fatigue properties when compared to vinyl.

With the use of carpet, System 6+ can create warm, uplifting environments that residents, staff and patients feel comfortable and at home in, promoting wellness and improving recovery times that vinyl and other hard flooring options fail to achieve.

Does System 6+ tick all the boxes for flooring performance criteria in Health & Aged Care facilities?

Absolutely! System 6+ at a minimum is rated commercial heavy duty by the ACCS. It is constructed with stain resistant Solution Dyed Nylon which delivers superior performance required by the rigorous maintenance demands of health and aged care environments. It can be easily cleaned by water extraction method, and if required, can be replaced with ease with limited downtime.

What are the advantages of System 6+ over other carpets?

The numerous advantages of using System 6+ over traditional rolled carpets include:

Infection Control    
System 6+ incorporates our patented antimicrobial – Intersept® – into both the backing and the floor sealer, protecting against bio-contaminants and preventing odours.

Ease of Replacement    
The 1m x 1m size of System 6+ carpet tiles means that replacing sections can occur quickly and easily without cutting and without mismatched repairs visible

Nylon vs Wool    
Wool yarn is a staple fibre which sheds during normal traffic and cleaning, releasing small airborne particles and it also cannot achieve Castor Chair Warranty. Nylon is a Bulk Continuous Filament which provides superior appearance retention, will not shed and achieves Castor Chair Warranty.

Stain Resistance    
Unlike other printed carpets, System 6+ is designed using Solution Dyed Nylon, meaning the colour is inherent to the nylon fibre – delivering superior stain resistance and ensuring colour does not fade over time or wash out with cleaning.

Design Flexibility    
Rolled carpets limit the creativity of the designer and the space. Usually in a limited colour palette, their size dictates what can and can’t be achieved. Interface carpet however supports visual cues and an innovative floorplate. Plus, we can customise to your taste.

Who conducted the third party evaluation of System 6+ and what was their conclusion?

All third party evaluation was conducted independently by Flooring Technologies Group – Consulting and Project Management VIC. The evaluation tested the effectiveness of sealing gaps between vinyl-backed carpet tiles suitable in health and aged care facilities so to prevent bodily fluids and other water based substances from reaching the subfloor.

Conclusion – The use of Interface seam sealer, with or without the application of a ressure-sensitive adhesive, provides a watertight barrier to spilled fluids and at the same time holds the impervious tiles in place.

How does System 6+ deliver better indoor air quality?

System 6+ traps airborne allergens and microscopic particles within the carpet pile for easy removal – this means reduced airborne particles which can be breathed in by patients and residents causing asthma and other respiratory attacks.

System 6+ also contains ½ the VOC emission rate of some hard surface vinyl products

Can you tell me more about the antimicrobial Intersept® ?

Intersept® – our patented antimicrobial inhibits up to 99% of all microbial growth. Intersept® is permanently incorporated into the primary backing of all our carpet and is guaranteed for the life of the product. It helps prevent infection, minimises odour and actively protects against bio-contaminants.

Intersept® is non-volatile, will not off-gas and has low toxicity – in fact because Intersept® is organic, it does not contain irritating halogens or eco-persistent metals. It is the responsible choice because it is biodegradable and low in both human and environmental toxicity (similar oral LD50 as table salt).

Environmentally Responsible Antimicrobials

Unlike many metallic based antimicrobials, Intersept® in non-persistent and biodegradable when placed into a landfill. Intersept® also is low in toxicity both to humans and non-target species. It responsibly controls bacteria and mould without harming the environment or those exposed to it during manufacturing or end use. Since Intersept® is low in toxicity and water solubility, it typically requires a higher concentration to be effective when compared to antimicrobials such as tin, zinc, or arsenic.

How easy is it to replace a System 6+ tile?

System 6+ replacement is very easy. To lift a 1m x 1m tile for replacement you only need to grip the tile with pliers or spike near a corner, lift the tile upwards until the seam seal breaks, and peel the balance of the carpet from the floor. Apply a new bead of seam sealer and replace with a new tile. In this instance the subfloor including the floor sealer is uncompromised.

What is the evidence based design supporting the use of System 6+?

Evidence Based Design is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes. System 6+ incorporates evidence based design attributes through multiple product elements. These include:

- Improved Indoor Air Quality
- True Anti-fatigue Properties
- Better Acoustics
- Improved Slip and fall prevention
- Biophilia

System 6+ delivers each of these elements through careful engineering and innovative top cloth design.

Does System 6+ achieve 100% Green Star points?

Yes. All Interface carpet receives 100% Green Star points under the ‘Environmental Innovative’ category. System 6+ is no different, only the installation methodology differs which does not affect the product’s form or attributes. Each of the sealers for System 6+ are also GECA approved.

Is a replaced System 6+ tile and it's seam just as impermeable as the original?

Yes. A British Spill Test was conducted on a replaced seam resulting in no moisture penetration.