Interface Service Offering

As a partner of Interface, you can benefit from a range of exciting service offerings, from easy installation to custom design and colours.

Concept Design Services
Let Interface's talented Concept Designers ensure that your carpet tiles & Planks fit your every need, whether practical or aesthetic. We treat every project as unique and we’re always ready for new challenges. We’ll partner with you to create innovative and inspiring solutions for your flooring, whether you’re a commercial, education, healthcare or government partner, or none of the above – uniquely designed for your specific needs.   

Custom Colourisation
Interface can  customise standard products  by using different coloured yarns to suit your needsyour own colours. Whether to complement your interiors, use your corporate colours to strengthen your brand and identity, or even with your logo, these colours will be uniquely yours. To help you make decisions, we’ll send you a tufted sample version for your approval and use advanced production and sample technology to allow you to preview digital versions of your customised product.  

Renovisions® Carpet Installation
First off, save time and money with Renovisions®. With this carpet installation system, recarpet your entire office or workplace without disrupting business or activities. Whether you’re a corporate headquarters, a library or a showroom, our unique jacking system and skates will save time, money and hassle by lifting existing furnishings, such as workstations, storage cabinets and library shelves, to allow easy, quick installation – which can take place outside working hours to minimise downtime, and save you more time and money.