One of the top secrets of our success is what lies beneath

At Interface, we understand the importance of a strong foundation—it’s been the basis of our continual improvement upon the traditional benefits of carpet. So it’s no surprise that our innovative backing systems are responsible for the enhanced performance and durability of our modular carpet tiles. They’re what enable our carpet tile to resist moisture and be moved and updated with ease.

Each of our three main backing systems - GlasBac®, CushionBacRE®, Sound Choice™ and CQuest BioX - provide a unique benefit, but all offer superior dimensional stability and carry a standard 15 year warranty against excessive surface wear, edge ravel, backing separation, shrinking and stretching.



Best Practice PVC

Best Practice PVC backing that complies with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) Best Practice requirements are available. Interface can provide written declaration of compliance which is acceptable to the GBCA and SGBC as demonstration that Interface carpet tile backing is compliant with the Best Practice Guidelines. 

Declarations for Australia and Singapore can be provided specifically for your project upon request.

Interface Backing Systems

  • CQuest BioX

    Our backing that stores the most carbon. Made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled materials. These materials on a standalone basis are net carbon negative.

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  • GlasBac

    Our GlasBac® backing has been in production since 1973, and
    continues to set the industry standard. Our GlasBac backed
    carpet tile products now have an average of 40% post-industrial
    recycled content.

  • CushionBacRE

    Introducing CushionBacRE™. It was a real step forward in our Mission Zero™ goal to become the first company globally to be fully sustainable with zero negative impact on our planet.

  • Sound Choice™

    Sound Choice™ acoustic backing developed as a standard for all our LVT styles, allows for superior sound absorption, eliminates the additional cost and extended lead times for unnecessary underlay.

    In laboratory tests, our LVT with Sound Choice™ backing offered a 16dB sound reduction compared to traditional hard surfaces such as vinyl composition tile (VCT), concrete and timber floors that only reduced it by 1-6 dB. Ten decibels may not seem like much, but it is a doubling of sound intensity. Interface LVT with Sound Choice™ reduces impact sound within a room by more than half.

    Impact sound transmission, measured in decibels, tells you how much sound is insulated from an adjacent space. Interface test results as determined under AS ISO 717.2-2004, show that Interface LVT with Sound Choice backing passes the requirement for noise transfer requirements under the National Construction Code (NCC).