Australia’s only Sensitive Choice Approved Carpet Tiles

What is Sensitive Choice?

More than 7 million Australians suffer from allergies and more than 2 million suffer from asthma. The Sensitive Choice® blue butterfly symbol is a way of recognising products and services from companies that support asthma and allergy care.

The Sensitive Choice program is a partnership between the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand and the National Asthma Council Australia and includes over 200 products and services certified as being better choices for asthma and allergy sufferers.

For more information about the Sensitive Choice program visit the Sensitive Choice website.


The Healthiest Choice in Carpet Tiles

Because millions of Australians suffer from allergies and asthma, at Interface, we engineer our modular carpets to reduce known triggers.

All Interface carpet tiles contain extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are known allergy and asthma triggers. The dense loop pile construction also helps trap dust and allergens for cleaner air. And we use premium solution dyed nylon yarns, which won’t break down into breathable particles.

In fact, Interface carpet tiles are the only commercial carpet tiles to carry Sensitive Choice approval from the National Asthma Council Australia.


When it Matters Most

Because Interface carpet tiles carry Sensitive Choice approval they are the ideal choice for soft flooring in Health and Aged Care environments, Hotels and Motels, and in our schools where 1 in 9 children suffer from asthma.