Redesigning Our Products

Our carpet tile is the expression of our passion for design and the embodiment of our sustainability mission.

We challenge assumptions and bring elegant approaches and innovative technology to the design of modular carpet. Sustainability is the lens through which we see the world and carpet tile is the medium that lets us show what is possible.

Historically, carpet tile production has been a highly polluting, water- and petro-intensive process. By posing different questions, we developed a more holistic view of the impacts our products and processes have on the planet. This has allowed us to be more strategic in minimizing—and ultimately eliminating—the environmental impacts associated with our products.

We’re designing a better product lifecycle, not just a better product. We can’t achieve this alone, so we’ve been fortunate to work with willing partners. Looking at the data within this lifecycle framework, we learned that the bulk of the impacts occur outside our own walls. The overall environmental impact of a carpet tile is heavily influenced by raw material extraction and processing, so we focused our efforts on using the least amount of materials necessary while achieving maximum performance and switching from virgin to recycled raw materials.

Our Journey

This journey has forced us to consider our role within the natural world and the global community. Our product inspiration often comes from nature, where design is largely characterized by organized chaos, randomness and diversity.

It’s helped us rethink issues of performance and beauty, which led us to question the standard use of repeating patterns, and whether carpet always has to be glued down.

And it has transformed our supply chains to solve economic and social problems and expanded our thinking about the impacts of our materials, eliminating potential environmental and health impacts while being restorative and doing more good.

The concepts we discovered — biomimicy, biophilic design and inclusive business — inspired us to change not only our products, but also our systems and the entire industry.