Sustainable Products for Green Buildings

Interface’s commitment to the planet is a core part of who we are. By choosing Interface carpet tiles, you’re contributing to the planet’s sustainability. This is because Interface works with international, regional and national programs and certifications that not only demonstrate our environmental credibility but help support and set industry standards.

Interface goes further than just looking at the environmental impacts of manufacturing, or how to recycle materials. We use a Life Cycle Assessment approach, which means paying attention to each step of the life of carpet tiles, taking into account factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity, materials extraction, water use, social and environmental compliance, durability, product emissions and end of life.

Interface’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are industry leading. Used for all our product categories, EPDs are verified by a credible third party and compliant with global ISO standards. They describe the ingredients of products and demonstrate transparency about environmental impact over the entire life of a product.

Finally, we’re not just about meeting environmental standards; we reach and attain the highest levels on a global scale, and will continue to do so.

What this means to us is we’re proud to be producing and supplying customers with a product that is environmentally sound; what this means to you is that through the various rating systems and certifications, as well as our commitment, you have the comfort and trust of knowing that our products are sustainable, and that they can help you achieve green buildings, no matter where you’re operating.