Education Discovery Collection - Australia

How Would Nature Design a Floor?

We looked to nature’s design systems and it revealed a randomness of pattern, shape and colour, constantly evolving through time and space. Even when the pattern created by leaves on a forest floor is disturbed, a new pattern is harmoniously created, blending the old with the new, seamlessly. Harnessing the random pattern and intelligence of nature’s designs and systems allowed us to create a floor cover that not only emulates natural beauty, but also evolves as it is installed.

The Discovery Collection uses randomly occurring patterns, shape and colours to create uniquely beautiful spaces. Offering unrivalled flexibility for customising spaces, you can create focus areas, soft zoning, breakout spaces and pathways, while individual carpet tiles can be replaced at any time due to damage or wear, without the inconvenience of replacing the entire floor covering. A harmonious evolution of design – just as nature intended.

10 products make up the collection across the naturally inspired palette.