A Foundation for Beautiful Thinking

Beautiful thinking. Few things are more satisfying to a designer than creating a beautiful space: one that moves the soul and inspires more beautiful thinking in the people who inhabit it.

At Interface, we talk a lot about beautiful thinking—and about the environment, sustainability and the inherent wisdom of Nature’s designs. All in the context of creating a product and a planet that are good for people.

Designs inspired by Nature have been around as long as we have. What’s taken shape over just the last two decades is evidence that designs that mimic Nature not only please the eye, they also change the people who inhabit them—in them people are more engaged, more collaborative, more creative. The designs promote a sense of well-being. That is powerful.

The connection between Nature and people is in our collective DNA as a company—and it is literally and figuratively woven into every square and plank of carpet we produce.

A foundation for beautiful thinking