How did you get here? Little did you know, the floor was guiding you. Movement is influenced by changing patterns that can be both useful and beautiful. Every detail is meaningful. Result: a satisfying experience from start to finish.

Explore Pathway Principles: Alert, Define the Runway, Transition on the Edge, People Mover


Knowing where not to go can be vital. A color splash gives a gentle warning and reveals a company’s preference for the use of space. This hallway seems off-limits. Maybe we should talk over here.


Define the Runway

Many paths converge into one when traffic flows. The floor can help a company move along in more ways than one. Pattern shifts reveal where you walk and where you stand.

Transition on the Edge

Subtle color invites, like a blue lake beckoning between the trees. Showing where you’re meant to go. An invitation to a public space. An oasis.

People Mover

A hint of white water quickens the step. A simple pattern with slightly higher contrast suggests movement and encouragement to keep going. Don’t stop now, you’re nearly there.