You have arrived. The floor ushers you in: Confidence rewarded. A comforting payoff affirms you’re in the right place while flooring cues suggest the intent of the space. Nothing is lost. The way back is easy. You made it.

Explore Destination Principles: Differentiate, Suggest Protocol, Highlight Space, Define Protocol



A single clear element speaks volumes. Go here, don’t go here. If a line were to form, this might be a good place to stand. A bold and simple cue to make a statement.

Suggest Protocol

An invitation to the table couldn’t be simpler. Alternating colors move you inside where choices await—different spaces for different needs. The floor directs movement. You direct the floor.

Highlight Space

This floor says, Hello! Sit here for communal space. It’s a bit brighter, higher profile, an inviting energy to it. Off to the side fades to neutral. Semi-private conversations, out of the spotlight. Intuitively navigated.

Define Protocol

How could you be more clear? This must not be the way inside. Bright colors and patterns ask you to take notice. What’s that you say? This is the way I should go? The protocol is obvious.