An entryway draws you in. Pulls you forward. Celebrates your arrival. It builds anticipation and instills confidence: You're in the right place. The entry is an invitation inside. Its colors and patterns lead the way like breadcrumbs. Visitors move through the space as naturally as if they had been there before.

Explore Entryway Principles: The Way In, The First Stop, Highlight An Area, Stepping Stones


The Way In

The path leads to an entrance or meeting place. Steps like wooden planks say “by all means, the way is open.” Slats of color suggest shadows down a tree-lined walkway, inviting you. The floor couldn’t be more clear.

The First Stop

Like a raft, the floor in front of reception invokes a quiet place to wait before entering the stream of things. Subtle pattern shifts suggest how a company intends their space. Wait here, engage, continue.

Highlight an Area

A safe place to land can be as simple as brand colors standing out against a neutral field. The floor gives subtle cues about where help is to be found, like a lily pad when the waters are deep.

Stepping Stones

Navigate unsure spaces as easily as a favorite forest path. The floor reveals one area as distinct from another; marks an edge without drawing a line. When you delineate place intuitively, the path is clear.