Bringing it Full Circle

We’re excited to announce a new level of product transparency with our GreenCircle Certified Environmental Facts label.

There are a lot of product certifications out there, but they’re not all created equal. We choose the ones that offer our customers a clear representation of our products’ environmental impacts and require the most transparency. GreenCircle Certification is a natural choice for us because it was established to counteract the many unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace.

GreenCircle evaluates the environmental claims of a product or operational system through a rigorous process that relies on recognized standards such as NSF/ANSI, ISO and ASTM. And all product claims must be recertified annually.

The easy-to-read nutrition label format of the GreenCircle Environmental Facts label makes it easy for specifiers to compare and evaluate products. The label is broken into Product and Manufacturing Specific information, allowing us to clearly demonstrate our progress in reducing the environmental footprint of our products and our factories.

Highlights include:

Product Footprint

  • Recycled content – Standard Interface products offer a minimum of 66% total recycled content with our GlasBac® backing and a minimum of 80% with our GlasBacRE backing.
  • Carbon reduction – We’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our products a minimum of 28% since we first published an EPD for all products globally.

Factory Footprint

  • Carbon emissions reduction – In five years we’ve reduced our carbon emissions from 6,414 tonnes to just 17 tonnes.
  • Waste Reduction – We’re at 96% waste diversion from the landfill with an end goal of 100%.