Climate Take Back

If humanity has changed the climate by mistake, can we change it with intent?

At Interface we're convinced a fundamental change needs to happen in our global response to climate change. We need to stop just thinking about how to limit the damage caused by climate change and start thinking about how to create a climate fit for life.

After decades of hard work, Interface is poised to reach its Mission Zero goals by 2020. 

Climate Take Back is our new mission and we want to share it with the world. We commit to running our business in a way that creates a climate fit for life—and we call on others to do the same.

Create a climate fit for life. Join Climate Take Back.

Change is Positively Possible

We’re adopting a fresh perspective – one that views the current crisis not as a problem but as an opportunity.

This is not a question for the future. Solutions exist today, and others are rapidly coming online. That means the path to creating a climate fit for life starts with changing how we think.

Interface believes there are four key challenges ahead:

1. Live Zero – Do business in ways that gives back whatever is taken from the Earth.
2. Love Carbon – Stop seeing carbon as the enemy, and start using it as a resource.
3. Let Nature Cool – Support our biosphere’s ability to regulate the climate.
4. Lead Industrial Re-revolution – Transform industry into a force for climate progress.

Together, these challenges form the blueprint for regaining control of our climate.

Join the Climate Take Back

To create a climate fit for life, we need businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals to work together.

Will you join us?