Welcome to Interface. Your journey begins here.

Whether you’re taking a virtual trip or looking forward to an upcoming one, you’ll find that visiting Interface’s facilities is a great opportunity to learn more about who we are, what we do and what sets us apart as a global sustainability leader.

Places You May Visit

  • Ray C. Anderson Plant

    Where Interface Carpet Tile Begins

    The Ray C. Anderson plant in West Point, GA uses patented technology to efficiently tuft yarn and recapture the excess, significantly diminishing waste. At this facility, we will discuss fiber choices and why we choose premium yarns, the importance of primary backings and how we construct the variety of textures and patterns in our products. Tufted products are sent to the Joseph H. Kyle Plant in LaGrange for backing.

  • Joseph H. Kyle Manufacturing

    This is the original manufacturing facility for Interface and is now home to our administration and backing operation. The Kyle I plant receives tufted product from RCA to back, cut and inspect before preparing for shipment. Here we’ll discuss our GlasBac® backing system and why it’s the most specified backing in the world. We’ll also show you our Cool Blue™ backing process, which uses post-industrial and post-consumer materials to create GlasBac®RE, one of the highest recycled content backings in the industry.

  • Graham Scott Technical Center

    Where Science and Design Come Together

    Graham Scott Technical Center hosts our labs and product testing areas, as well as our custom development team, The Studio. The Research & Development team conducts a variety of tests on Interface products, including the Appearance Retention Test (ART) envisioned and created by the building’s namesake, Graham Scott. In our microbiology lab, Dr. Daniel Price works with our proprietary preservative, Intersept®.

  • The Studio

    The custom design team offers an array of services including digital installations, simulated samples, and custom colors and products.

  • Aware House

    Experience Interface Products in a Whole New Way

    The Aware House is a customer center where our products come to life. Eight-foot vignettes showcasing Interface carpet tile run the length of the interior walls. The exposed ceiling of the open, two-story warehouse provides an industrial feel that works well with the clean lines of the hand-crafted office furniture and the vintage furnishings in the general seating areas.

  • Joseph H. Kyle Plant III

    Here you'll see part of the ReEntry® 2.0 process. Reclaimed carpet is fed into machines that cleanly separate the face fiber from the backing. The fiber is processed into fluff and baled for shipment to our premium yarn suppliers who convert it to post-consumer recycled content type 6 and 6,6 nylon. The backing is chopped into pieces that can be used in our Cool Blue™ backing process, which creates our post-consumer recycled content backing, GlasBac®RE.