The Ultimate Glue-Free Solution for Carpet Tile Over Raised Flooring

Whether your primary concern is design flexibility or an efficient one tile per panel solution, Interface makes it easy to add the visual appeal, comfort and acoustical benefits of carpet over your underfloor system without the hassle and mess of traditional adhesives.

If your priority is design, you can install Interface carpet tile using our glue-free TacTiles® installation system over almost any raised access flooring system. Using 3” adhesive squares called connectors, TacTiles are strong enough to hold a room full of carpet tiles together—squares or planks—but easily release for you to remove and access underfloor systems.

Need a one-to-one solution for even easier access and faster relocations? We’ve also partnered with Tate® (PosiTile®) to provide a standard solution tailored to work with their glue-free system.