A Flexible, Glue-Free Option for Interface Carpet Tile on Haworth’s TecCrete® Panels

Available for use with 24" Interface carpet tile on Haworth TecCrete panels, the CarpetLOK anchor system enables faster, glue-free installation, easier access to underfloor systems and lower costs through reduced waste, labor and down time.

CarpetLOK takes advantage of Interface’s high performance, dimensionally stable backing systems to create a secure, glue-free carpet tile installation over TecCrete raised flooring. Each tile is directly aligned with each panel via a small, cruciform anchor that sits within the underfloor system and protrudes upward. Rising to just below the carpet face, the anchors create an unseen barrier that holds a 16 tile grid of carpet tiles in place with zero glue.

One tile. One panel. One Move.

The CarpetLOK system allows one floor panel and one carpet tile to be removed and repositioned at one time, so relocation is easy, quick and results in no waste. It also frees up storage space and reduces inventory costs by minimizing attic stock.

Why CarpetLOK?

  • Glue-free installation
  • CarpetLOK installs once and remains in place through the carpet replacement cycle
  • Easily replace existing Interface carpet tiles with new ones
  • Select from a range of Interface carpet tile products
  • Easily relocate or add anchors for reconfigurations
  • Anchors are made from 100% recycled, post-consumer engineered plastic

Learn more about the CarpetLOK system.