LVT meet carpet.

Beauty meet function.
We’ve designed our LVT and carpet tiles to work together seamlessly – with no transition strips.

Carbon meet neutral.
We’ve done the math. We know your floorings impact on global warming. That’s why all Interface products are Carbon Neutral Floors™.

Safe meet sound.
Our LVT designs always come with our superior Sound Choice™ backing. So even hard floors can minimise noise, making it easier for you to create spaces for concentration and focus.

Meet TacTiles glue-free installation.
TacTiles are the proven glue-free and sustainable way to install Interface modular flooring. With no mess, no odour and virtually no VOCs, TacTiles® are the perfect fit for both carpet tiles and LVT. Recommended maximum installation using TacTiles with LVT is 50m2.

Concept meet design.
Whatever your design challenge, our Concept Design team can help translate your vision into stunning floor designs.

See inspiring case studies.

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High-tech meet High-touch.

Our LVT collections offer a wealth of design choice. With Level Set, you have wood-inspired 100cm x 25cm Skinny Planks and stone-like 50cm x 50cm squares – 28 options, combining natural beauty with durability. Studio Set explores the huge potential of colour, with 12 shades, ranging from intense, vibrant brights to soft, versatile neutral tones. And Boundary Metallics blends the industrial with the organic, creating new effects of light and texture in 6 colour options.
From our Ceramor™ coating to our Sound Choice™ acoustic backing, we’ve designed our modular resilient LVT to provide peak performance in even the most challenging environments while also providing superior acoustic properties.

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