Biophilic Design

2015 Global Collection

The connection between nature and people is in our company DNA – and it is literally and figuratively woven into every square and plank of carpet we produce

2 April 2015
An Exclusive Tour Inside Google's Biophilic Work Environment

The Human Spaces team had a chance to hear Anthony Ravitz speak about the way Google approaches biophilic design

15 May 2015
Office Inspiration: 7 questions with Oliver Heath

The Human Spaces team questioned Oliver Heath, who is obsessed with biophilic design, all about his place of work, as well as his daily working rhythm

23 March 2015
Rethinking Office Design – Google's vision

Google’s vision for great office spaces, which they will build from scratch

10 November 2014
An Introduction to Biophilia and the 14 Patterns

Catie Ryan's introduction into the benefits of biophilic design. She goes into the different patterns we can find in biophilic design

Equal Measure

Equal Measure is inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets found all over the world, creating a sense of the familiar and the original at the same time


The Narratives Skinny Planks tell a fascinating tale about contrast and minimalism

Near & Far

Near & Far is a collection of Skinny Planks inspired by weathered wood and rocks

20 April 2015
Oliver Heath on the importance of good air quality

Oliver Heath on the importance of good air quality

6 May 2016
The Genzyme Center – nature at its heart

The Genzyme Center shows what is possible when biophilic design principles are incorporated from the conception of a new building.