Microsfera – Radical Innovation at Your Feet

Microsfera is a milestone in our ongoing challenge to combine beautiful and functional design with our Mission Zero promise. The light, sophisticated microtuft surface, a subtle linear design, balanced colours and our 25 x 100 cm Skinny Planks format provide a great basis to make a statement.

This carpet tile combines an attractive design, an extremely small carbon footprint and extremely low emissions. Don't take our word for it, Microsfera won a Red Dot Best of the Best Award.

The jury's comments: With their environmental soundness, the Microsfera carpet tiles set new standards. They impress with an extraordinarily low carbon dioxide footprint and extremely low VOC emissions. Thanks to a newly developed yarn and an innovative production process, only 3 kg of carbon dioxide per square metre are emitted during the production. Their variety of available patterns allows for a creative interior design together with a very healthy indoor climate.

With Microsfera, beauty is more than meets the eye.

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Microsfera Case Studies

  • The Shrinking Carbon Footprint

    The carbon footprint is the single most significant impact of a carpet tile. That’s why we call it ‘the magic metric’. Over time various developments in the carpet industry have led to a shrinking carbon footprint.

    Microsfera is a big step forward. Even compared to a typical carpet tile using 100% recycled nylon, the carbon footprint of Microsfera is less than half the size.

  • Ultra Low VOC Emissions

    Legislation in Germany and France requires the VOC emissions of a building product to never exceed 1,000μg/m3. The tougher GUT standard for carpet even requires us to keep them below 250μg/m3 after just three days.

    Microsfera is far within these requirements with ultra low VOC emissions below 100μg/m3 after just three days.

  • Modular Fusion

    Microsfera addresses the two biggest CO2 contributors in our industry: the yarn and the middle layer, known as the precoat.

    The unique combination of a low-impact polypropylene yarn, our successful microtuft construction and an innovative modular fusion process has completely eliminated the need for the precoat by fusing the yarn pile directly to the backing. 

    This results in a high-performing product with the smallest carbon footprint for any commercial carpet tile to date.