Interface and Plastic Whale announce partnership

Interface is proud to announce its partnership with Plastic Whale. The Plastic Whale Foundation was founded by Marius Smit and wants to educate the public about plastic waste. It does this by letting people fish for plastic on the canals of Amsterdam. These people are confronted with the amount of waste floating around and the fact that much of this waste will make its way to the seas and oceans. Of course, there is also time to admire the beauty of Amsterdam during the boat ride.

Interface has worked with Plastic Whale to design and build its own unique boat made from nearly 7,000 of the 35,000 plastic bottles already fished from the canals in Amsterdam. The boat will be used daily to fish more waste out of the water systems and put a spotlight on the effects of plastics in our waters.

Rob Boogaard, CEO and VP of Interface EMEA, explained: “Plastic waste is a challenge the globe is starting to wake up to but for Interface it has been at the top of our agenda for many years, as you can see from the success of our Net-Works programme. Through our partnership with Plastic Whale we are pushing the boundaries of environmental change to ensure everyone, customers and competitors included, realises the potential that cleaning up our world’s waters has on the future of our eco-system.”

The Net-Works® programme is an initiative of Interface and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), designed to rid the oceans of discarded fishing nets and draw attention to the harmful effects plastic waste has on marine life. To date, Net-Works has removed over 80,000 kg of nets from the ocean and coastal areas in the Philippines.