Carpetopia at Designers' Saturday

70 national and international brands came together across 6 venues to showcase their work at Designers’ Saturday in Switzerland on the 5th & 6th of November. Every two years companies and colleges show experimental installations in production sites in Langenthal. The theme of this year's event was 'The Making of Design'. The event brought in 15,000 visitors. Interface participated in the event for the first time and we used the opportunity to showcase our carpet in a new way.

Inspiration from Nature

We saw references to biophilic design at every location, an illustration of its prominent position in contemporary workplace design. Examples are bringing natural elements inside and connecting them with products and spaces. The exhibits were showing a passion for creative solutions, ranging from office plants to interior indoor garden projects.

Interactive Experiences

One of the highlights for us was the installation Giants with Dwarf. In an intriguing way, it changed the viewer’s mindset and created an interactive experience.

The installation showed animated, life-size characters created using chair and table parts taken from the Horgenglarus components archive. The wooden characters pay homage to the string puppets created by the Staatliches Bauhaus art school.


The Interface installation offered a look at carpet that went beyond the product. The goal of the installation was to showcase our carpet tiles in a creative and unusual format, demonstrating how visual modular flooring can be. The concept design team combined different colours from the World Woven collection and used them to construct a vivid and fluid installation. The rise and fall of the magnified carpet loops was created to connect people with the spaces they use.  

By blowing up the size of the planks we changed the scale of our product. Presenting the carpet tiles at eye-level invited viewers to take a closer look at our collection. The installation was playful with flexible shapes for the visitors to interact with and choose their own path to walk through the space.

We loved being a part of this special event. Creating our own installation and seeing it amongst other fantastic projects was an inspirational experience.

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