The hallway ends. Go this way or that way? Open this door or that one? The floor can help show the way. Humans are natural pathfinders given the proper clues—the bent twig, the hint of a trail—and the way to go becomes obvious. Yes: You’re headed in the right direction.

Explore Decision Principles: Walk This Way, Delineate Space, Highlight a Path, Collaborate

Walk This Way

The floor told me how to get there: First a left, then a right, then onward. It also suggested a bounce in my step. Office flooring can define active and passive spaces, and even show how to get there. Linear or whimsical floor patterns speak volumes.

Delineate Space

Here or there, this place or that? Floor choices suggest solid or fluid. Movement or stasis. Loose or formal meeting spaces. With confidence. At a glance.

Highlight a Path

Sometimes a direct approach is needed. Follow the hallway to the end, can’t miss it. Colour can be a cue for where to go, something easy to recognize. How important is this place? Even subtle colour catches the eye, suggesting direction.


What spaces does your client need? Floors can designate functions. Do this here. Put the table and chairs over there. Set semi-private zones as well as open spaces clearly meant for everyone. Activate a dead zone. Lead the way.