Interface is closing the carpet recycling loop.

Carpet to Carpet Recycling

At Interface, we go beyond merely offering carpet tile products with recycled content to actually reclaiming used carpet in order to convert it into new. As we design our products, we carefully consider their ultimate destination, doing whatever we can—including partnering with other carpet reclamation companies—to ensure no reclaimed carpet ends up in the landfill.

Since 1995, we've reclaimed more than 309 million pounds of carpet, but it’s estimated that 4.5 billion pounds are sent to landfills in North America each year. We see this abundant waste stream as the key to sustainably meeting our future raw material needs for both fibre and backing. 

We work closely with our fibre suppliers to continually reduce the virgin content in the nylons we purchase by supplying them with post-consumer carpet fibre from all over North America. This has resulted in new and innovative technologies that significantly increase the recycled content of our products, and now includes incorporation of reclaimed fishing nets in our 100% recycled content Type 6 Nylon.

 When we bring old modular products back into our ReEntry process, our technology cleanly separates carpet tiles into face cloth and backing. We send face materials to other companies for recycling, but our proprietary technology can turn the old backing into new backing. We convert the separated backing into pellets, which we feed to our Cool Blue™ system to create GlasBac®RE backing (98% recycled content).

 Through the growth of our recycling initiatives, we keep valuable materials out of the landfill while taking a big step toward our goal of ending our dependence on oil and making our products from 100% recycled or rapidly renewable materials.