Interface Carpet Tile & Tate's PosiTile: A Perfect Match

Interface carpet tile and Tate’s ConCore® access panels are designed to be flexible. So it’s no surprise that we’ve partnered with Tate to offer our modular carpet as PosiTile—their carpet tile solution for access floors.

PosiTile is sized to match one-to-one with ConCore panels for quick and easy utility service moves, as well as reuse of carpet tiles during layout changes. Ultimately, the PosiTile, service box and access floor can be moved as one unit, saving you time and money.

And there’s no need for glue. Four ultrasonically welded buttons on the underside of each tile provide precise alignment with four matching holes in the ConCore panel, eliminating the use of glue and giving anyone the ability to rearrange their work area.

• True one-to-one solution with carpet tiles attached directly to individual panels

• Easy to install – just snap carpet into panels

• Easy to move above floor electrical outlets and HVAC modules

• Less down time for staff

• Reduced carpet waste and attic stock

• Glue-free installation

• Available in 40 Interface carpet tile product / colour combinations

• High recycled content in carpet tiles and steel access panels

• Member of the Kingspan Group of companies, a global manufacturer of environmental building products based in Ireland with facilities throughout the world.

• Available with state-of-the-art static control properties

Learn more about Tate’s PosiTile solution.