We’re no strangers to transparency.

Since 2011 Interface has been supporting the development of a new transparency tool, the Health Product Declarationâ„  (HPD). Interface is a founding sponsor of the HPD Collaborative (HPDC), a participant in both HPD pilot programs, and a member of the Manufacturer Advisory Panel.

Consistent with our commitment to transparency and the continued development of this tool, we offer our first Health Product Declaration for all styles produced on our GlasBac® and GlasBacRE backings in the Americas.

Transparency is not the goal in and of itself; it is the path to marketplace transformation. Despite its name, a Health Product Declaration does not distinguish whether products are safe and healthy, nor whether users are likely to be exposed to any of the declared ingredients (other than VOCs). An HPD discloses what materials exist in products and starts a conversation about opportunities for improvement. This conversation is part of a larger dialogue about materials optimization and offers a way for us as a company to drive continuous improvement.  

We are proud of our accomplishments to date in eliminating unnecessary chemicals without sacrificing performance, including:

  • Elimination of unnecessary flame retardants;
  • Elimination of topically applied coatings and dyes for yarn; and
  • Replacing liquid glue for installation with TacTiles® connectors.

We welcome any additional questions about our HPD, our ingredients, and our commitment to sustainable and restorative business practices. Please send questions to sustainability@interface.com.