Design Inspirations

Human Nature

Interface’s Human Nature™ Collection—a range of Skinny Plank carpet tiles that remind us of the materials, textures and tones we find in the natural world—is inspired by the vital, mysterious link between the nature as we observe and this same nature within ourselves. It helps answer the question we always ask when seeking inspiration—'how would nature create an interior floor?' The Human Nature Collection is available globally from Interface.

3 March 2015
Biophilic Design: Drawing Upon Natural Analogues

Our regular readers will know of Interface’s passion for biophilia; an innate love for the natural world. Human beings have an intrinsic affinity towards nature.

6 June 2016
Inside Interface's Bold New Mission to Achieve 'Climate Take Back'

At the National Exposition of Contract Furnishings, better known as NeoCon, Interface, the Atlanta-based carpet company, plans to roll out its next corporate mission. In the process it plans to set a new marker for what it means to be a sustainable business.

Redesigning Our Products

We challenge assumptions and bring elegant approaches and innovative technology to the design of modular carpet. By posing different questions, we developed a more holistic view of the impacts our products and processes have on the planet. This has allowed us to be more strategic in minimizing—and ultimately eliminating—the environmental impacts associated with our products.


Observing the organic rhythms of a leaf-strewn forest floor inspired us to devise i2, an innovative advancement in modular carpet tile design. Rather than make each carpet tile the same, they vary in patterning and colouring within one style and colorway.

Skinny Planks

Our 25cm x 1m skinny planks bring new proportion and scale to carpet tile, giving you new power to create fresh, exciting floor designs.

Urban Retreat Collection

Urban Retreat™ is a dynamic collection of eleven carpet tile products sorted into pattern studies that range from refined textures to broad organic forms.

17 June 2015
Why does design need storytelling?

What is the value of ‘meaningful narratives’ in design culture, and why they are vital in communicating a regional design language. We discover how with Australian designer, Ross Didier.

23 April 2015
Why designers are taking their cues from the systems of nature

Melbourne-based architects Yau Nga and Dev Mistry from Baldasso Cortese recall their process of biophilic thinking to organically unlock the potential of the St Johns the Apostle project.

12 February 2015
Line up for striped style

The addition of stripes can instantly make an interior space more energetic, stylish and visually interesting – which is why we love them.

25 June 2015
How ‘theming’ injects brand values into a space

Designed by Andrew Tu’inukuafe and the Creative Spaces team, the Lion’s new HQ in Freemans Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, is a solid example of design’s ability to speak the language of a brand and its space.

26 March 2015
Can flooring define the boundaries of a space?

Undertaken within an astonishingly tight deadline of two weeks, the Monash University Australian Law Faculty, Clayton Campus project by Dasch Associates in Melbourne, was incredibly successful.

25 August 2015
Creating connections between people and spaces

How then can designers inject some life and “human-ness” into commercial spaces? Designed by Mr.Kaoru Tomozawa of Nikken Space Design, the Fukuoka Financial Group project in Japan presents an interesting case study into this idea.

30 April 2015
Can flooring be interactive?

With a brief to introduce the most innovative and interactive features ever before seen in Korea, the Lotte World Mall development by Benoy Architecture, Planning, Interiors and Graphics in collaboration with Interface, have crafted the world’s first interactive flooring.

15 July 2015
Are all design principles global?

We’ve all at some point or another thought about globalisation. Many see it as the big bad wolf when it comes to originality and local, bespoke flavour – which in some cases may be true – think local design languages, manufacturing and making techniques, material selection and so on.

17 September 2015
A mindful space for beautiful thinking

The challenge: To create a mindful space where stress is minimised, energy replenished and creativity cultivated. Using Interface’s ‘Equal Measure’ tiles, design teams were invited to combine them with props or furniture to create inspiring and creative installations. ‘Our workspace doesn’t have to be the boring old office space,’ explains Kate Lange, who along with Phoebe Hogan, Sophie La and Adrian Stasi from Woods Bagot took up Interface’s recent design challenge. ‘It can be an environment that is really, really beautiful – where we actually thrive and that we enjoy.’

31 March 2015
Interface Releases Human Spaces Report

A global study commissioned by Interface and led by renowned organizational psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper, the Human Spaces Report reveals that employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall.

6 April 2015
Office On Wheels

Interface India has launched its new initiative “Office on Wheels” in Hyderabad. The Interface “Office On Wheels” is a mobile vehicle which will be parked near the offices of prominent architects and designers to offer a convenient and engaging experience, whilst showcasing the latest collection Human Nature™.

Human Spaces

Interface’s global Human Spaces Report is building the case for biophilic design. Led by renowned organizational psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper, the report reveals that employees who work in environments with natural elements have a higher level of well-being, are more productive and more creative.

26 February 2015
Can you communicate a brand’s vibrant culture through its floor?

Activity Based Working (ABW) has been the buzzword in the commercial sector over recent years. Australian national property developer CIP has taken up the challenge by transforming a 550sqm office into an energetic and vibrant ABW space for its staff and a showroom for its clients.

A Foundation for Beautiful Thinking

Designs inspired by Nature have been around as long as we have. After all, what’s more beautiful and inspiring than nature itself? There’s even a term for our innate affinity to nature - biophilia. And design that incorporates natural elements – biophilic design – fosters the kind of creativity and beautiful thinking that move the world. At Interface the connection between Nature and people is literally and figuratively woven into every square and plank of carpet we produce.

13 January 2016
2015 Best of Year and IIDEX Award Winners

Two recent carpet tile offerings from Interface, Equal Measure™ and Near & Far™, have received top industry honours this fall in the United States and Canada. Recent awards for the global collections include the coveted Interior Design Best of Year designation, an Architectural Products Product Innovations Award, and two IIDEXCanada Innovations Awards.