Culture & Play

24 September 2015
Good Guys Need to Hang Together

Ray Anderson used to say, "Good guys need to hang together," knowing that it takes courage, sometimes found in numbers, to think and act differently. See what we did to show support to New Belgium Brewing for standing up for their beliefs.

Redesigning Our Company

In 1994, at age sixty and in his company’s twenty-second year, our founder and Chairman Ray Anderson steered Interface on a new course—one designed to reduce our environmental footprint while increasing our profits. His bold new vision was to create the first enterprise to become truly sustainable.

17 June 2015
Why does design need storytelling?

What is the value of ‘meaningful narratives’ in design culture, and why they are vital in communicating a regional design language. We discover how with Australian designer, Ross Didier.

17 September 2015
A mindful space for beautiful thinking

The challenge: To create a mindful space where stress is minimised, energy replenished and creativity cultivated. Using Interface’s ‘Equal Measure’ tiles, design teams were invited to combine them with props or furniture to create inspiring and creative installations. ‘Our workspace doesn’t have to be the boring old office space,’ explains Kate Lange, who along with Phoebe Hogan, Sophie La and Adrian Stasi from Woods Bagot took up Interface’s recent design challenge. ‘It can be an environment that is really, really beautiful – where we actually thrive and that we enjoy.’

13 August 2015
Dedication Ceremony at Thailand Factory

Interface dedicated its Thailand factory to honour current CEO and Chairman of the Board Daniel T. Hendrix at a dedication ceremony today at the Amata Nakorn Industrial Park in Chonburi.