Zeroing Out Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Although Interface is continually striving for greater sustainability, every phase of our carpet tile’s lifecycle—from raw materials extraction to manufacturing, shipping, vacuuming and end-of-life recycling—results in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to global warming.

Under our Cool Carpet™ program, we offset all the GHG associated with the raw materials, manufacture, maintenance and end of life management of your Interface carpet tiles. In other words, no net increase of GHG emissions in the atmosphere as a result of your carpet purchase and use. 

We balance every kilogram of GHG emissions with kilograms of cool carbon offsets. That means we invest in renewable energy and other projects that prevent GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere through the purchase of certified carbon offset credits from a variety of sources including direct from project developers, and brokers who provide a wide variety of projects.

The following global standards are used to verify Interface’s carbon credits; Voluntary Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and the Gold Standard. Interface’s carbon credits are registered and retired in public registries such as Markit and APX. SGS, a third-party verifier, validated the methodology we use to calculate our GHG emissions and verified that they were offset through verified emission reduction credits.

The Cool Carpet program is reviewed annually to make sure we’re bringing you the most innovative, environmentally friendly carpet offered today. Click here to download a copy of our most recent third-part verifiers report.