Environmental Accreditations

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All Interface products and processes are certified under international and/or local green certification programs. Interface recognizes the need for transparency which allows our customers to determine which products best meet their requirements.  

Interface is also a member and/or supporter of numerous organizations that strive towards a more sustainable environmet. In partnership with the various green building councils in Asia-Pacific, Interface has been at the forefront of advancing the sustainability of buildings in this  region.



All our GlasBac Nylon Type 6 & 6,6 products are classified under the Environmental Classification Scheme (ECS).
All other products including GlasBacRE, CushionBacRE and LVT are GreenTag certified.


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Australian Carpet Classification Scheme

Carpets are classified under the ACCS labeling system according to their durability and appearance retention. The classification is determined using technical data supplied by manufacturers and results from tests conducted by independent (NATA or equivalent) laboratories. Our products are classified ECS Level 4, 2 options. View our ECS certificates here.


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CRI Green Label Plus - Supporting Healthy Indoor Air Quality

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)’s Green Label Plus program certifies carpet, cushions and adhesives with very low emissions of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which are harmful to human health. 


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Green Building Council Australia (GBCA)

Interface Australia is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) which was established in 2002 to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.



GreenRate - Level A

GreenTag’s GreenRate program is for green design, procurement, facilities management, and cleaning professionals seeking to achieve points under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star®, ‘Sustainable Products’ and ‘Green Cleaning’ credits. GreenRate™ is also relevant to Infrastructure professionals working with the ‘IS’ rating tool from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. View our Green Tag certificates here.


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Sensitive Choice

Sensitive Choice is a community service program created by the National Asthma Council Australia to help consumers identify asthma and allergy-aware products, by certifying community-conscious companies to use the Sensitive Choice symbol.





South East Asia, Japan, Korea & India

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Green Building Japan (GBJ) 

Green Building Japan was established in February 2013 and is currently the only organization in Japan that offers LEED accreditation via USGBC, the governing body of LEED. Interface Japan has been a member of GBJ since 2014. 



Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Interface India is a member of the Indian Green Building Council, part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) that was formed in the year 2001. The council works closely with several State Governments, Central Government, World Green Building Council, bilateral multi-lateral agencies in promoting green building concepts in the country. 


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NSF 140 – Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard

Carpet certified under NSF 140 provides assurance to customers that their choice of carpet has minimal environmental impact based on product design, long-term value of the product, manufacturing, end-of-life product management, corporate governance and innovation.


Singapore Green Label logo  

Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS)

The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) administered by the Singapore Environment Council endorses industrial consumer products that are environmentally responsible. All our backing options; CushionBac, GlasBac and GlasBacRe are certified under this scheme and are able to accrue additional points under the Building & Construction Authority’s Green Mark scheme.



Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)

The Singapore Green Building Council was officially launched on October 28 2009 to advocate green building design, practices and technologies and drive environmental sustainability in the building and construction industry in Singapore. Interface has been an active member since 2010.


SGBC product logo  

Singapore Green Building Council - Product Certification

The Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) labeling scheme robustly assessed and certified green building products that are meaningfully differentiated for safer, healthier, efficient and sustainable products in the building industry. The SGBP is also recognized under the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark scheme to accrue additional points that count towards a project’s eventual rating. Interface is the first carpet company to achieve a four tick rating. 


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Thailand Carbon Reduction Label – Minimal Impact on Global Warming

The Carbon Footprint Reduction (CFR) or global warming reduction label gives customers the assurance that products certified under this scheme have reduced carbon footpint thoughout its entire lifecycle and reduced impact on global warming.


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Vietnam Green Building Council’s Green Database (VGBC)

VGBC was established in 2007 with an aim to raise awareness and build capacity for the development of green building in Vietnam. Products listed in the Vietnam Green Building Council’s green database are recognized to be environmentally friendly.